Red Line from KinetiX

Allen Richards
2 min readOct 26, 2021

KinetiX is an Irish Electric Pop band making a name for themselves, and doing it on their own terms. Their single Red Line is a heart pounding thrill ride that should be played in clubs and raves everywhere. We used the term electric pop because it would seem they are a combination of both.

Lyrically Red Line is genius there are numerous hidden meanings laced within the track. I had to listen to it a couple times just to make sure what I was hearing was correct. As the listener I will allow you to discover what I have for yourselves.

What I like so much about this track is its unpredictability and its almost bi-polar nature. It begins much like a roller coaster as it is approaching the steep climb hill. Then by the time that the beat drops the listener is over that hill and speeding at an almost uncontrollable pace. The bass hits unbelievably hard and drives the entire track.

The addition of synth takes the track to even greater heights as the run away coaster continues to build up momentum. Combine these elements with the military like cadence of the lyrics, and it is a hit! We have added it to the number one spot on our Spotify playlist and think you should playlist it and share it everywhere too.