Night Ride from Luch Stefano

Allen Richards
2 min readNov 23, 2021

Luch Stefano is one of those singers who seems to have a forever youthful exuberance about his music. His upcoming release “Nigh Ride” is a great example. This dynamic track will be available on November 26th, but you can pre-save your copy now by following the link below.


What I like so much about Night Ride is its playfulness. It makes for a great soundtrack for a gathering one might be having amongst friends. It has a crazy funky beat mixed with a little pop and hip-hop flair about it. Another thing about this track that makes it so great is the fact that it stands out from others like it. Such has a distinct vocal style that can only be described as, refreshing. So many of the genre sound so similar that at times they all just sort of blend together.

Luch is anything but a newcomer to the music industry his journey began on the streets of central London as a busker and sleeping on floors of friend’ houses. He is the very definition of a struggling artist that was determined to make it. More recently, he has received praise from outlets such as BBC Children in Need, BBC News, and BBC Introducing in Sussex and Surrey.

In my opinion, I feel that this track will be well received by his fans, and will garner him some new ones as well. Once it is released we will adding it to the top of our Indie Pop playlist. Be sure and pre-save it now, stream it (once released), and share it everywhere.