New Music Review

Allen Richards
2 min readSep 18, 2021

I’d Go Blind by Church, Honey

Recently, I was sent a link to listen to the upcoming release titled “I’d Go Blind” from Church, Honey. On average, I will receive around 30 submissions a day asking for coverage. I especially enjoy those that come from the UK.

Indie vocalist and guitar player Ben James Miller is a great example of why I have such an infatuation with the UK music scene. His new release is more than just a song, it’s an experience. This is a heart warming journey that will leave the listener filled with hope that they will one day find somebody to love. The lyrics that stand out the most would be “I found myself at the end of my rope/I lost myself, but I never lost hope/”. I chose this particular portion because it delivers such meaningful impact to the song. No matter how terrible life might seem, or how lost we feel we should never give up.

Lyrically I have yet to come across another song that is so powerful and relatable in nature, and especially one that makes me stop and think “could this song be about me”? It is important that listeners of I’d Go Blind take a moment and really listen to the lyrics. If they can immerse themselves long enough then they will surely find it relatable to their lives as well.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear any other songs from Ben James Miller (Church,Honey) then this single should be the one. If you are down and need a pick me up, or just relaxing, “I’d Go Blind” would be a great addition to your playlist.

Vocally Miller does an exceptional job at conveying his heartfelt emotions through this song. The inflection in his voice is well suited for setting the overall vibe. I have listened to this song on repeat now for a couple days and come away happier each time. It’s crazy, because even his voice is uplifting and this is something I’ve not experienced with any other singer/songwriter that I have listened to.

I could spend hours writing about this incredible singer, but I feel it best to let you pre-save his new single. You can follow the link below where you will find his other social media sites along with how to pre-save “I’d Go Blind”

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