My Therapist

Allen Richards
2 min readSep 24, 2021

New Music From Cristal B.

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! I have been sitting on this review for minute now, and am excited to finally share “My Therapist” by Cristal B.

I have to admit something, I normally will not listen to a song all the way through.This is because of the amount of submissions that I typically receive everyday. This release was different though it pulled me in and held me captive the entire time. Before I fully committed to writing this review I decided to see what Cristal’s fans were saying about it as well. Each one of their thoughts were aligned with that of my own.

This self produced single is nothing short of amazing. Cristal and co-writer Lauren Minear have crafted a song that is easy to relate to especially in the time of COVID lockdowns. The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in the form of our mental health. With more reported cases of people suffering from stress and anxiety now as a result. Cristal and Lauren did not just stop there, no in fact they went further. By addressing issues of self doubt and negative self talk she is helping to bring awareness to underlying problems that have gone on for far too long.

Vocally, I felt like I was listening to a cross between Lily Allen and Norah Jones. I was not sure if I could really put into words what I was feeling, and have them make sense.

Being on the frontline during the pandemic as a nurse I am sure Cristal has witnessed many cases involving mental health problems. I have the utmost respect for anyone in the medical field, and I thank them almost everytime I see them.

Mixing and Mastering for this track was provided by Bryan Encalada. He does an exceptional job.

I have visited well known studios in Nashville where there are gold and platinum albums hanging. It is my opinion that the production is on the same level as the studios that I have visited in Nashville. Mixing and mastering is also in the same category as well.

“My Therapist” is available now on major streaming platforms, so go give it a listen, save it, playlist it, and don’t forget to follow Cristal B. as well

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