Juice from Mini Haye

Allen Richards
2 min readOct 3, 2021

London rap artist Mini Haye has released one of the dopest songs that we’ve listened to thus far. For years, I thought of London as a hub of punk music ever since the last time I was there and remember seeing the punk kids with their multi-colored mohawks. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the rap scene was on fire there. I now feel confident saying that Mini Haye will be the five alarm fire that will burn the competition to the ground.

What I like so much about this song is that it is not the usual mumble rap style that we have become accustom to hearing in the last couple years. Lyrically Mini Haye has the confidence and energy to make others in the genre question their own styles. Other London based rap artist may not like what I am about to say next, and that is okay. Other rap artist really need to try and follow whatever blueprint Mini Haye has created. Step your game up, and prove me wrong if you think differently.

The production on Juice is top notch and should be held in the highest esteem as some of the major award winning producers in the game. Artist should be running to whatever studio that Juice was recorded at. Usually as a blogger I can noticed little variations or flaws in the recording process, but with this song it is virtually flawless.

We like this song so much that we are adding to both of our Spotify accounts with the back-up account having 600+ followers. Be sure to grab this song and playlist it. We cannot wait to see what Mini Haye releases next, but we will be sure to follow and so should you.