Eye Rhyme from Render Ghosts

Allen Richards
2 min readDec 4, 2021
Single artwork by Matthew Young

We have long been fans of the 80s pop/synth sound. Eye Rhyme from Render Ghosts has that sound. It is fun, upbeat and highly infectious once you listen, you will want to hear it again. This will mark the debut of Render Ghosts, and it is my opinion that this is the best debut release of 2021.

Band photos by Lisanne Lentink / Elen Williams

While it is true that this amazing trio have duplicated that wonderful 80s sound, one should not overlook the talent that each member brings. Tom O.C Wilson is a classically trained composer of playful arthouse pop. Iain Chambers is known for using buildings as musical instruments, he even once turned London’s famous London’s Tower Bridge into a giant resonating chamber. Iain is also a founding member of Langham Research Centre, a leading music concrete ensemble. Finally, helping to bring this trio together is Tamara van Esch a renowned singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and is known for singing on Netherlands’ equivalent of The Voice. For her her solo project Mevrouw Tamara, she sings in Dutch.

Trust us when we say that this is the song you will want at the top of your playlist. You’re gonna fall in love with the sounds of Eye Rhyme from Render Ghosts. We are really excited to see what they release in the future, although, it will be kind of difficult to outdo Eye Rhyme.