Do You See What I See/As Starlings Do from Fritch

Often times there is a shared experience among creatives, and in the world of music that experience comes in the form of songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering. The two song release from Fritch, Do You See What I See and As Starlings Do is no exception. As Fritch and I were communicating back and forth via messenger I asked if there were any additional credits he would like to add to this review.

Without hesitation he answered “yes”. First he mentioned Phil Booth at JT Soar Studios he is responsible for co-mixing and co-producing (Sleaford Mods and Slumb Party). Next to be mentioned was Andy Wright- Mastering (Rag n Bone Man, The Fall).

Co-writer credit for the remix to Do You See What I See (Project P re-mix)was made possible in part by Project P. Vinyl, CD,and Cassette were made possible by Russian Post Punk Indie Label Other Voices Records.

All of Fritch’s videos were made by Thomas Wagner (A Falling Bird) just because he liked the music. Seriously, follow the A Falling Bird youtube link above and check out his work. Fitch also mentioned the support that he had from guitarist Stephen Tee, and in his words, “A guitarist who me told what was crap, what wasn’t, a long time musical soulmate. I didn’t always listen”.

Finally, Olive Garton who was there for Fritch with financial support for mixing and production costs. The entire project is/was a collaborative effort in every sense of the word. Now, lets review those songs shall we!

First up is Do You See What I See (Project P remix), If famed poet Edgar Allen Poe and 80s icons Depeche Mode were to have ever written a song, this would have been the one. This dark, almost ominous track comes with a brooding goth vibe. Vocally Fritch is on the same level as the great ones like David Bowie. The remix couldn't be more perfect I really feel Project P did a great job with this track.

Next is As Starlings Do, this track diverges away from Do You See What I See by moving into the realm of dance and punk. It makes for a truly original combination. The overall sound kind of reminds me of Adam Ant in someways. What I like about both of these tracks so much is the experimental sound that they have. An abundance of creativity and collaborative energy can be felt throughout both tracks.

Fritch is also working with United Simesky on their next project which will be an amalgamation of 80’s Genesis, Cure, and Electropop style EP.



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